Cyberangels ONE – Take control of your security


Cyberangels One is an all-in-one cybersecurity and compliance solution that lets SMBs protect their digital assets from threats.

With Cyberangels One, there’s no need to switch between tools and tabs. You get everything you need to monitor cybersecurity and compliance in one place.

You’ll also get insurance for any economic impact caused by a cyber attack on your systems.

It’s a breeze to stay compliant using the corporate compliance dashboard, IT security questionnaires, and more.

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From the main dashboard, you can manage all aspects of your cybersecurity,

Cyberangels One lets you perform a vulnerability assessment to help you find the major cybersecurity issues that are putting your business at risk.

That means you can monitor security across websites, domains, emails, and web applications to ensure your company is protected from all sides.

You can even automate cybersecurity scans using AI, allowing you to continuously monitor for new, unexpected risks.

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Vulnerability assessment report


Use the vulnerability assessment to identify your cybersecurity risks and protect your business.

With CyberAngels One, you’ll get suggestions for risk-reducing actions to improve your cybersecurity rating.

For example, the platform gives you NIST-based remediation plans to help you identify potential security threats and quickly address any issue.

The dashboard displays all suggested and completed actions, and you can easily request support to carry out specific recommendations.

Tailored improvement plan


Find out what specific actions you need to take to improve your cybersecurity rating.

Best of all, Cyberangels One uses a gamified process that motivates your team to stay on top of potential security breaches.

Your team can earn badges for completing tasks at different levels, and you can track their progress on their profiles.

Plus, you’ll be able to display your cybersecurity certifications on your site and email campaigns, so people feel safe handing over data.

Gamification collectible badges


Earn badges as you complete achievements and highlight your certifications on your website.

There’s nothing worse than getting caught with your cybersecurity pants down. (Except maybe getting caught with your actual pants down.)

Lucky for you, Cyberangels One makes it fun to monitor, protect, and improve your business’ security and compliance status across the world wide web.

Take control of your security and compliance.

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