Holacon – Host interactive events


Holacon is an all-in-one event management platform that helps you create interactive events and boost attendee engagement.

With Holacon, you get everything you need to create and manage your online, hybrid, or in-person events, all from one simple dashboard.

Organize content, manage access controls, and check in guests from the event management console on the web or mobile app.

You’ll also be able to manage marketing and communications like push notifications from the console.

This platform even lets you create a digital exhibitor space where attendees can browse and visit different brands while exhibitors collect lead information.


Virtual expo


Encourage your attendees to explore the virtual expo areas on Holacon and connect with exhibitors.

Holacon is packed with tons of community-building tools to help you stay connected with attendees throughout the event.

Thanks to features like networking areas, one-on-one meetings, and messaging, you can create engaging online or hybrid events that feel as personable as meeting IRL.

Plus, you’ll be able to encourage audience participation with interactive tools like live voting, polls, ask-the-speaker, and session rating.

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Networking room


Let attendees expand their network, exchange ideas, and make meaningful connections.

Using Holacon’s web app, you can create custom event pages for online and hybrid events, and then integrate registration forms to accept payments and collect registration info.

You’ll be able to customize the ticket system with your branding and pricing, with 0% commission fee on tickets sold.

It’s a cinch to publish your event marketing content across multiple channels so that your audience has all the details.

Want to promote your event? You can send customized emails, SMS, and push notifications to attendees to build excitement and increase event engagement.

Event registration form


Create a personalized and seamless registration experience with custom registration forms.

Best of all, your attendees can easily access, join, and participate in virtual or hybrid events with the Holacon app, no matter where they are in the world!

The app helps you provide a seamless registration experience with digital attendee cards and lets you track attendee interactions.

You’ll be able to monitor and measure your event’s success with detailed reports for every step of the process from sales and registration to each attendee’s journey.

Event web app


Experience the excitement of live events with Holacon’s immersive web application.

Without engaging and interactive elements, an online event can quickly turn into white noise. (“In case you’re wondering, I’m camera off, mic off, sweatpants off, nap on.”)

Holacon makes it easy for you to host, manage, and promote awesome events with interactive elements to keep attendees engaged—all from one dashboard.

Create better event experiences.

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