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Hopscotch is a no-code onboarding tool that lets you create interactive product video tours that reduce churn and boost user adoption.

Hopscotch is packed with an intuitive drag-and-drop editor, making it easy to build unlimited product tours.

No matter how much (or little!) editing experience you have, you’ll be able to add engaging elements like images, videos, and calls to action for each tour.

Getting started is a breeze—just enter your tour name to generate a URL where you can preview the tour as you build it.

Drag-and-drop video editor


Add images, videos, and calls to action to make your product tour compelling.

You can create product tours from scratch or choose from pre-built templates to help you create interactive tutorials the easy way.

In fact, Hopscotch gives you access to tons of templates—from webinar announcements and welcome messages to feature announcements.

And because each template is fully customizable, you can edit your videos to fit your brand’s aesthetic.

Onboarding tour


It’s a cinch to customize your onboarding tour to fit your brand’s aesthetic.

Hopscotch also lets you segment product tours based on user activity, so you can highlight relevant features in a personalized way.

That means you can target specific app elements and differentiate tours with custom properties.

You’ll also be able to control where and how often product tours are displayed for a seamless onboarding experience.



Target a general audience or custom audience based on conditional logic.

Best of all, Hopscotch uses data to analyze which product tours are converting, so you know how to optimize them.

With this tool, you’ll be able to guide users to try new features, or even promote existing features that lack visibility.

These interactive guides will let new users click buttons, explore links, and complete form fields until they finish the tutorial.

Product features


Create unlimited product tours based on every feature of your product.

Without a helpful product tour, users have to dig deep to figure out all your product’s features. (“Ooh, what does this button do?!…Okay, boring.”)

Lucky for you, Hopscotch makes it simple to create interactive product tours to guide new users to do more with your product—all without any coding.

Boost your production adoption.

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Snag Lifetime Availability today !!