Compiled list of Node js training Resources

list of Node js training Resources


  • Node.js Best Practices – Summary and curation of the top-ranked content on Node.js best practices, available in multiple languages.
  • Nodeschool – Learn Node.js with interactive lessons.
  • The Art of Node – An introduction to Node.js.
  • module-best-practices – Some good practices when writing new npm modules.
  • The Node Way – An entire philosophy of Node.js best practices and guiding principles exists for writing maintainable modules, scalable applications, and code that is actually pleasant to read.
  • You Don’t Know Node.js – Introduction to Node.js core features and asynchronous JavaScript.
  • Portable Node.js guide – Practical guide on how to write portable/cross-platform Node.js code.
  • Build a real web app with no frameworks – A set of video tutorials/livestreams to help you build and deploy a real, live web app using a handful of simple libraries and the core Node.js modules.




  • Node Weekly – Weekly e-mail round-up of Node.js news and articles.




  • Node.js blog
  • – Blog posts on Node.js and JavaScript from the author of Practical Node.js and Pro Express.js Azat Mardan.



  • Express.js
  • Stream FAQs – Answering common questions about streams, covering pagination, events, and more.
  • Strong Node.js – Checklist for source code security analysis of a Node.js web service.


  • OctoLinker – Chrome extension that linkifies dependencies in package.json, .js, .jsx, .coffee and .md files on GitHub.
  • npm-hub – Chrome extension to display npm dependencies at the bottom of a repo’s readme.
  • RunKit – Embed a Node.js environment on any website.
  • github-npm-stats – Chrome extension that displays npm download stats on GitHub.
  • npm semver calculator – Visually explore what versions of a package a semver range matches.
  • CodeSandbox – Online IDE and prototyping.
  • Amplication – Auto-generates fully functional apps.
  • RunJS – Desktop JavaScript playground.