Messenger Bot – Automate comments & DMs


Messenger Bot is a 24/7 personal assistant for intelligent customer interaction, proactive social media engagement, and explosive sales growth.

Messenger Bot makes it easy to automate repetitive tasks like engaging with leads, answering inquiries, and interacting with your audience.

This smart personal assistant can respond intelligently to any user’s comment or message based on what they say.

Use a template to build your chatbot in just a few clicks, and you’ll be on your way to automating responses to comments and DMs on Facebook, Instagram, and your website.

Deploy chatbots


Create and deploy smart chatbots that automatically engage with users on any site.

Thanks to Messenger Bot’s social media automation, you can schedule posts across different social channels—all from the same dashboard.

Even better, your AI assistant can automatically reply to posts, moderate posts, and send follow-up messages on Facebook.

Want to streamline your content creation? Messenger Bot also lets you auto-post content from your RSS feed, WordPress, or YouTube.

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Create and schedule social media posts


Automate social media post scheduling and comment responses with the help of AI.

With Messenger Bot’s dynamic visual builder, it’s a breeze to build subscriber lists and create email campaign templates.

Send email broadcasts and drip feed campaigns with the option to respond to all emails automatically so that you never miss a message.

This chatbot lets you automate sales by promoting products, generating unique codes, and completing transactions—all through the interactive chat environment.

And because Messenger Bot works 24/7, your site visitors can get the answers they need to make a purchase right away!

Automate sales


Sell even when you’re off the clock with a smart chatbot that can push customers through your sales funnel.

Best of all, Messenger Bot has a unified inbox that lets you organize every customer interaction in one place.

You can even sync your subscribers to Messenger Bot from other tools like ManyChat and Chatfuel.

That means you can see your bot subscribers, view labels, and manage messaging histories for different groups, all on one dashboard.

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Subscriber manager and unified inbox


Thanks to Messenger Bot’s unified inbox, you’ll never lose track of a message again.

In 2023, you shouldn’t have to juggle all your customer interactions by yourself. (“To misquote The Beatles, I get by with a little help from AI.”)

With Messenger Bot, you get an intelligent personal assistant to help you boost your marketing efforts, improve customer service, and skyrocket your sales.

Optimize your sales operations.