Stageset – Close deals with digital sales rooms


Stageset lets you create digital sales rooms to centralize and manage all client interactions, from outreach to onboarding.

With Stageset, you can create digital sales rooms in just a few clicks to start managing your sales collateral and communications in one place.

You’ll be able to choose from a variety of templates so you don’t have to start from scratch every time. You can also create your own!

Just enter your company name and Stageset automatically adds your buyer’s logo to create a personalized digital sales room.

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Create sales rooms


Create a sales room to manage all collateral and communications in one place.

Stageset lets you embed media into your sales room, like videos, slide decks, meeting schedulers, and spreadsheets, so you can keep prospects engaged.

Want to streamline the collaboration with your prospects? You can define the next steps, assign tasks, and set deadlines to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Plus, you can enable file sharing to let prospects download or upload anything—including complex files like 3D renders.

Embed media


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Embed media like spreadsheets, Figma designs, and videos to keep prospects engaged.

Invite prospects to your sales rooms via URL or with an email. Either way, they’ll never have to deal with annoying logins!

Stageset records every single interaction to help you see when prospects enter the room, what they interact with, and which of their colleagues they invite.

And because you can see which elements have high engagement with your prospects, you’ll be able to create stronger sales rooms in the future.

Tracking engagement


Get notified when prospects enter your sales rooms and keep tabs on engagement.

Best of all, Stageset tags every deal with an interaction score to help you gauge which deals are hot and which ones aren’t hitting anymore.

You’ll be able to view the status of your team’s sales rooms to keep track of every deal at a glance.

You can also filter the deal view using different criteria, making it that much easier to sift through deals that are still In Progress.

Interaction score


Stageset auto-tags deals by level of activity, so you never let a hot deal go cold.

With sales rooms, you’ll be raking in profits that have you feeling like Oprah. (“You get a car! You get a car! You get a car!”)

Stageset helps you create sales rooms complete with file embeds, all kinds of interactive elements, and downloadable content.

Close the deal, every time.

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