– Create persona-driven AI content

[ad_1] is an AI tool that uses brand and audience data to craft persona-driven content that resonates with your target segments.

Using the power of AI, you can find target audiences and create audience personas that ensure all your deliverables fit together. lets you analyze your target audience’s interests, behaviors, and preferences to create persona-focused content.

You’ll be able to manage all your audience personas in a collaborative library that you can share with your team.

Find audience personas


Find the target audiences that you should focus on with the Persona Finder.

Say goodbye to writer’s block! will generate content ideas for your business, audience, and marketing goals.

You’ll be able to instantly generate multiple content versions that are tailored for specific channels, like email, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

And you can even customize AI-generated content to fit your brand voice so that everything you put out sounds like you.

Persona-driven newsletter


Generate content for multiple channels, including email, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Best of all, this AI platform helps you take average content and turn it into the kind of post people bookmark!

You can simplify your content’s reading level to reach a wider audience, or expand it to add more context.

Plus, you’ll even be able to change formats in one click, going from blog to email to tweet to Instagram caption in an instant.

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Change formats


Change your content’s format in just one click to go from blog to tweet to Instagram caption. 

Want to collaborate with your team? also lets you invite your entire team to help generate more persona-driven content.

This tool is perfect for marketing agencies who want to boost engagement and conversions across different industries.

It also can help you create sales collateral that speaks directly to targeted pain points and needs, all while keeping your messaging on-brand.

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Brand personas


Create, edit, and share personas with your team so they can create data-driven content.

Even if you’re swamped with unwritten tweets, blog posts, and emails, pumping out generic content isn’t the best idea. (“I’ve got just the thing for you…whoever you are!”)

That’s why helps you create data-driven audience personas, so you can generate engaging content in a snap.

Write for your audience.