20+ Best Fast & Racing Fonts

Today, we speed through a collection of racing fonts that are made just for typography designs that capture the essence of speed and motion.

Whether you’re working on a sign for an auto repair shop, a banner for a racing event, or even want to add an energetic look to your social media posts, this collection has fast racing font designs for all types of projects.

These fonts are also great for adding a thrilling look to your typography designs as well as for showcasing growth and momentum. There are many different ways you can utilize fast fonts for adding a creative look to your projects.

We managed to find both premium and free racing fonts for this collection. You can find them all below. Have a look.

Fast Track - A Speedy Display Font

Fast Track is a great font you can use to give a fast-moving look to your titles and headings. It features a classic design with a vintage feel that fits perfectly with product labels, T-shirts, logos, and more. The font also comes with a PSD file containing example mockups for your to experiment with different designs.

Throttle - Modern Sport Racing Font

If you want to craft titles and text with a racing-themed design mixed with a modern look, this font is perfect for your project. It features a unique letter design that has stylish decorative elements. It will fit right in with your poster designs, banners, video game titles, and social media post designs.

Race Freak - Creative Racing Font

This font has the ideal design for crafting all kinds of materials for racing events. It has a set of letters with speed-themed decorations and it will add an extra turbocharged look to your typography. The font is especially great for logos, titles, and branding designs as well.

Borex - Athletic Racing Font

Borex is a different style of athletic font that comes with a set of big and chunky letter designs. This font also has unique decorative elements that give the text a speedy look and feel. The font comes in 4 different styles along with lots of glyphs, alternate characters, and ligatures.

Slugs Racer - Unique Racing Display Font

This font will immediately remind you of the typography designs from classic Hot Wheels products. It actually includes two sets of characters, one with the decorative hot flaming design and another with a clean look without the decorations. Both sets have all-caps letters. And it includes lots of ligatures and alternates to experiment with.

Draco - Free Racing Display Font

A free racing-themed font for giving a fast and energetic look to your titles. This font has a stylishly modern letter design with a sharp look. It has all-caps letters with numbers. The font is free for personal and commercial use.

Drag Race - Free SVG Marker Font

This font comes with a unique marker brush letter design with detailed textures. The font seems to take inspiration from the drag racing and street racing scene. It’s an SVG font and you can use it for free with personal projects.

STORMLIGHT - Fast Race Theme Font

Stormlight is another powerful font you can use to design titles and headings with an energetic feel. This font features a racing-themed design with stylish decorative elements. You can use it to craft T-shirts, logos, labels, social media posts, and more. It comes with glyphs and a Web Font version as well.

FASTLYNK - Modern Racing Font

This font is great for designing big titles for posters and promotional materials. It has a unique letter design that adds a glitching look to typography. The font includes multilingual support, web fonts, and glyphs.

Chaser - Racing Font for Sports & Gaming

Chaser is a very cool-looking font that features subtle decorative elements that give it a fast-racing look and feel. It will make your titles and headings look extra attractive with its chunky letters. The font is ideal for sports-related designs as well as for branding designs.

Sonic Turbo - Racing Theme Font

This font has a creative letter design with cool decorative elements. It showcases speed and momentum through each letter using sharp edges and a slightly slanted look. You can design logos for automotive brands, badges for sports teams, and big titles for posters with this font.

Fast Racer - Stylish Racing Font

Fast Racer is a font made just for racing-themed designs. You can use it to craft bold titles for your t-shirts, design logos, posters, social media posts, and more. It also looks great for gaming-themed projects as well.

Thorletto - Free Fast And Furious Font

As you can guess from the name, this font is inspired by the Fast and Furious movies. It features a distorted letter design similar to the one used in Fast movie posters. You can use it for free with personal projects.

Street Racing - Free Fast Font

Street Racing is another free font that has a creative design. This font is ideal for crafting typography for retro-themed techno-style racing projects as well as for video games. The font is free for personal use.

Swifter - Sports & Racing Font

Swifter is a font designed specifically for sports and racing-themed designs. This font comes with a stylishly decorative letter design with serif-like looks. It’s ideal for F1 and NASCAR racing-inspired typography designs. The font includes lots of alternates and ligatures too.

Sportage - Racing Font Family

This font takes inspiration from classic vintage typography designs and creates a unique letter design with a hint of speed and racing. It’s especially great for sports-themed designs, including cycling, sprinting, football, and adventure sports. The font comes with multiple weights ranging from thin to extra bold.

Racerz - Fast Sport Display Font

Racerz is another sports-themed font with a fast-paced letter design. This font has a uniquely distorted letter design that recreates the look of speed. You can use it to design attention-grabbing titles for various types of print and digital designs, especially for sports brands and merchandise. The font includes all standard glyphs.

High Gear - Fast Gaming Font

If you’re working on a design related to video games, this font will come in handy. It features a speed-themed letter design that will fit in nicely with racing games. The font includes both uppercase and lowercase letters with lots of OpenType elements.

Racer Boy - Retro Fast Font

A stylish automotive-themed font family that comes with a set of beautiful fonts featuring retro letter designs. This font family includes 8 different fonts ranging from thin to extra bold and along with italics. It has the perfect look for designing everything from poster titles to custom T-shirts and more.

RACING HARD - Free Racing FontFont

This font will help you design bold and attention-grabbing titles for your designs. It has a fast and energetic letter design that will add a strong masculine look to your text. The font is free to use but only for personal projects.

Nitrogine - Free Racing Display Font

This free racing font has a stylish and trendy letter design. It’s ideal for adding a cool dystopian look to your titles with a mix of fast-moving looks. The font includes all-caps letters with numbers and punctuation. You can use it completely free with personal and commercial projects.

Faster - Racing Modern Logo Font

Faster is a bold font with a modern and chunky letter design. This font is most suitable for crafting energetic logos for sports brands as well as titles for posters, banners, and more. The font has all-caps letters and it comes in regular and italic versions.

Speed Demon - Fast Racing Font

Speed Demon is a creative racing-themed font that’s ideal for gaming and kids-themed designs. The font has a fun and creative letter design with a dynamic look. You can use it to add a speedy and playful look to your typography.

Two Race - Unique Racing Font

This font comes with a classic letter design with a racing-themed look and feel. It’s available in 2 styles featuring regular and rounded letters. It also has lots of ligatures and alternate characters. This font is perfect for product packaging designs, labels, logos, signage, and more.

Stoner Sport - Classic Racing Font

Taking inspiration from classic vintage racing typography, this font comes with a very unique letter design. It also blends modern design elements to help you create stylish headings and titles for your projects. It’s especially great for promotional banners, posters, and flyers. The font comes in regular and italic styles.

Play Setan - Speed Racing Font

You can design thrilling typography designs using this creative racing font. It comes with both uppercase and lowercase letters featuring a collection of stylish ligatures. However, the main highlight is its alternate characters that feature cool flaming designs.

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