Breathing the Riviera’s Heartbeat into Branding & Design

Today, I’d love to be discussing Futura’s recent endeavor, the Panarama project — a triumphant fusion of branding, graphic, and interior design that perfectly captures the spirit of Mexico’s Riviera Maya.

The Panarama project is a phenomenal blend of an art gallery and concept store based in the sun-drenched locale of Playa del Carmen. Futura’s objective was clear: to encapsulate the essence of the tropical surroundings and the pristine beaches into the heart of Panarama, giving it a distinct personality that echoes the vibrant culture of Riviera Maya.

Now, this is where it gets interesting: Panarama is not merely a store. It’s an initiative that places creativity, innovation, and collaboration at its heart. From curating a unique collection of art pieces, textiles, objects, and prints, to providing a platform for artists and designers, Panarama is a cultural ambassador of Riviera Maya. To top it off, they also serve up some delicious barista-style coffee – who wouldn’t love that!

The graphic branding for Panarama is subtly powerful. Their icon stands out – a duct-taped banana. This light-hearted satire is a cheeky nod to the world of high art, reminding us all that this is no snobbish gallery. Instead, it’s a warm, welcoming space full of beautiful art, culture, and yes, bananas.

Shifting gears to the interior design, Futura has outdone themselves. They’ve perfectly translated the hues of the Riviera’s natural surroundings onto the walls of the store. Walking into Panarama, one is enveloped by the colors of the beach, the tropical greenery, and the golden Mexican sun. It’s an aesthetic delight, to say the least.

What I admire most about Futura’s work on Panarama is their holistic approach. The seamless integration of branding, graphic design, and interior design elevates the project to more than the sum of its parts. It’s a space that doesn’t just sell products, but offers a rich, immersive cultural experience.

As a minimalist designer, I appreciate the clean lines and the careful color choices of the Panarama project. Futura has managed to bring together a variety of elements in a cohesive, visually pleasing way that doesn’t feel cluttered or chaotic – a testament to their expertise.

In conclusion, Panarama is a vivid portrayal of the Riviera Maya’s soul, carefully crafted by the master designers at Futura. It’s a testament to the magic that can happen when branding, interior, and graphic design work in harmony to tell a compelling story. And above all, it’s a gentle reminder that design, like art, is best enjoyed with a sense of humor and a cup of good coffee.

Branding, graphic design and interior design artifacts

Branding, graphic design and interior design artifact for Futura's Panarama: Breathing the Riviera's Heartbeat into Branding & Design


  • Art Direction: Futura
  • Design & Production: Futura
  • Illustrations & Posters: Malika Favre and Violeta Hernandez

For more information make sure to check out Futura’s website.

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