20+ Best Fun, Cute & Cool Google Slides Themes

One of the best ways to make your presentations more fun and engaging is to use cute and colorful slide designs. Today, we have the perfect collection of fun Google Slides themes to help you design such slideshows.

Fun and cute Google Slides themes are also useful for making more engaging lessons for students as well as for promoting various types of products and for entertaining audiences.

We made sure to gather a mix of Google Slides templates for this collection including ones with cute animal themes, kids themes, retro designs, and more. There are both free and premium templates in the collection too.

Let’s dive right in and have a look.

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RASTEL - Colorful & Fun Google Slides Template

This Google Slides theme will help you design colorful and fun presentations to instantly attract your audience. There are more than 40 unique slides in this template and each slide has creative shapes and vibrant colors that will keep your audience engaged all the way until the end. It’s very easy to customize to change colors as well.

Delusion - Modern & Fun Google Slides Theme

Delusion is another beautiful Google Slides theme that features a cool and fun slide design. It comes filled with lots of vibrant colors and allows you to easily showcase products and designs in a creative way. There are 50 different slides included in this template with 30 XML color themes and a huge vector icon pack with over 1300 icons.

Retrophis - Cool Google Slides Theme

Using a retro design is a surefire way to add a cool and fun look to your presentations. You can use this Google Slides theme to craft such attractive and entertaining slideshows for your presentations. This template includes 35 unique slides and it comes with editable vector graphics, free fonts, and vector icons too.

Kids Education - Fun & Cute Google Slides Theme

Keeping the attention of kids during lessons can be tough. With the help of this fun Google Slides theme, that task will get much easier. This template has over 30 beautiful slides you can use to design engaging presentations for kids. The vibrant colors and fun shapes will make each slide fun to look at.

Adorable - Cute Pets Care Google Slides Theme

This adorable and cute Google Slides theme is made for presenting all kinds of products and topics related to pets. This template features cute illustrations of pets to make the slides much more creative. There’s a total of 78 slides in this Google Slides theme. It has 34 slides with illustrations and another version of those slides with image placeholders.

Free Fun Groovy Google Slides Theme

This is a free Google Slides theme you can use to make colorful and fun presentations. It’s especially suitable for consulting-themed presentations but you can use it for other projects too. There are 51 unique slides in this template with icon packs and editable graphics.

Free Cute Instagram Business Plan Google Slides Theme

The cute design of this Google Slides theme will definitely make your presentations stand out from the crowd. It’s a presentation template for designing social media business plans, specifically for Instagram. The template has 37 slides with maps, timelines, and many other useful slides.

Play Kids - Fun Educational Google Slide Theme

Play Kids is a Google Slides theme with a modern design. It features lots of creative elements and colorful shapes to give a fun look to each slide. This template is designed with kids and educational presentations in mind. There are 19 unique slides with fully customizable layouts in this Google Slides theme.

Hanum - Cool Business Google Slide Theme

Looking for a fun and creative Google Slides theme to make your presentations look cool? Then try this template. It comes with a unique slide design with multiple grid-style layouts. This allows you to make every slide look more colorful and attractive. The template has 39 unique slides.

PuppyDoc - Pet Care & Animal Cute Google Slides Themes

As the name suggests, this Google Slides theme is designed with animal and pet care presentations in mind. It’s perfect for showcasing pet care products in a cute and adorable way. The template gives you 40 different slides to choose from. It has editable graphics, free fonts, image placeholders, and much more.

Spacatio - Fun Vacation Google Slides Theme

You can use this Google Slides theme to make fun slideshows to promote travel-themed presentations. The template includes more than 45 unique slides in both light and dark designs. You can also edit and customize the slides to change colors, edit graphics, add mockups, and more.

Kindergarten & Preschool - Fun Google Slides Theme

This Google Slides template is perfect for preschools and kindergartens for making fun presentations. You can use it to showcase your business as well as to promote your special programs and services. The template comes with 38 different slide layouts featuring master slides, free fonts, and editable graphics.

Free Back to School Activities Google Slides Theme

Download this Google Slides theme for free to design fun presentations to showcase back-to-school activities. The slideshow is perfect for elementary schools and kindergartens as well. There are 36 different slides with adorable designs included in this template.

Free Sketchnotes Lesson Fun Google Slides Theme

This is a very unique Google Slides theme that comes with an attractive slide design. It features cool and fun slides featuring sketch drawings and doodles. You can use it to make fun presentations for school lessons. The template has 21 different slides. And it’s completely free to use.

Just Simple - Cool Google Slides Theme

Simplicity is often the main characteristic of elegance. With this Google Slides theme, you can design presentations that look both elegant and cool. It includes minimalist slide layouts with colorful shapes and elements. There are 30 different slides in this template with free fonts and fully customizable objects.

Kidora - Fun Kids Google Slide Theme

This Google Slides theme comes with a cool and professional-looking slide design. But it also adds lots of creative elements to make each slide look fun for all ages. This template is perfect for all types of kids and educational-themed presentations. It has over 30 unique slides with lots of editable vector graphics, maps, and infographics.

Petty -Cute Pets Google Slides Theme

Petty is a pet-themed Google Slides theme that features a collection of cute and adorable slide layouts. It has lots of space for showing off cute pet photos as well as highlighting your products and services. The template comes with 60 slides in total and it’s also available in PowerPoint format.

Cute Kids - Playful Google Slides Template

Use this Google Slides theme to design adorable slideshows for your kids-themed presentations. It’s ideal for educational and nursery presentations too. The template includes a total of 150 slides, featuring 30 unique slides in 5 different color variations. You can also easily edit and customize them to change colors and fonts.

Cute Multipurpose Google Slides Template

This Google Slides theme uses a simple and minimalist slide design mixed with lots of colorful doodles and shapes. This makes it a great choice for all your kids and entertainment-related presentations. The template gives you 30 unique slides and you can edit each slide to match your brand as well.

Free Soft Colors Fun Google Slides Theme

This free Google Slides theme also comes in PowerPoint format. It features soft colors and a fun slide design. You can use it to make entertaining slideshows for design agencies. There are 24 creative slide layouts in this template.

Free Kawaii Cute Google Slides Theme for Marketing

You can grab this cute Google Slides theme for free to craft adorable Kawaii-themed presentations for your business. It’s especially suitable for designing marketing-themed slideshows. The template has 36 slides that are available in 5 different color schemes.

Infancy - Baby Presentation Cute Google Slides Theme

This adorable Google Slides theme is designed specifically for babies. Specifically for showcasing businesses and products related to infants. It has lots of cute slide layouts you can use to mesmerize everyone with the cuteness of babies. The template includes more than 20 slides with infographics, gallery, and portfolio slides.

Kidozia - Fun Kids Google Slides Theme

Kidozia is a simple yet fun Google Slides theme that includes 30 unique slides. It has various types of slide designs to help you craft presentations for kindergartens, schools, and even to promote products related to children. Each slide can be customized to change images, edit colors, change fonts, and more.

HIPLAY - Playful Cool Google Slides Theme

Hiplay is another colorful and cool Google Slides theme that will allow you to craft attractive presentations related to fashion, food, and lifestyle businesses. This template features 20 unique slides with vibrant designs. Of course, you can also customize it to match your brand too.

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