20+ Best Brochure Templates for Google Slides

One of the easiest ways to design a brochure is to use Google Slides brochure templates. And we have the perfect collection for you to get started with.

For a presentation software, Google Slides can be quite versatile. In addition to making slideshows, you can use it to design posters, flyers, social media posts, and even professional brochures.

If you don’t have a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Slides is a great free alternative you can use to make high-quality brochures for your projects. You’d be amazed at how beautiful some of these designs are.

The key to designing a great-looking Google Slides brochure is to use the right template with a vertical slide design. Check out our handpicked collection below to find a beautifully crafted brochure layout.

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Explore Google Slides Themes

Company Profile Google Slides Brochure Template

At first glance, it’s hard to tell that this is a Google Slides template. It features beautifully crafted slide layouts that work perfectly for designing brochures. The template has 20 unique slides with section breaks in A4 size. It’s ideal for making company profile brochures.

Snift - Vertical Google Slides Brochure Template

This Google Slides template also features a modern and stylish slide design with section breaks. You’ll also get lots of editable graphics, gallery slides, and more to craft brochures for various types of marketing projects. There are 36 unique slides included in this template and they are fully customizable.

Business Proposal Google Slides Brochure Template

The elegant and stylish slide design of this Google Slides template makes it an ideal choice for making brochures for fashion and design agencies. It gives you 35 different slide layouts to choose from. And it has easily changeable colors and image placeholders.

Wonka - Business Catalogue Google Slides Brochure

Wonka is a vibrant and creative Google Slides template that includes a set of vertical slide designs. This template is designed for showcasing business product catalogs. It has 26 unique vertical slides in A4 size with free fonts and editable graphics. The template also comes in Keynote and PowerPoint formats.

Be. - Google Slides A4 & US Letter Brochure

Be. features a very simple and minimalist slide design. It includes more than 125 different slides and it comes in both A4 and US Letter sizes. It has creative vertical slide layouts you can use to design brochures for various types of projects from business profiles to photography portfolios, marketing projects, and more.

Free Designer Portfolio Google Slides Brochure

You can download this Google Slides template for free to design a stylish and modern brochure. It’s perfect for crafting a portfolio for designers to showcase their best work and skills. The template has 24 different slides.

Free Printable Portfolio Brochure for Google Slides

This Google Slides template is also free to download. It features elegant slide layouts for crafting portfolio brochures for photographers. There are 24 slides in the template with vertical layouts that feature print-ready designs.

Haben - Photography Catalogue for Google Slides

Haben is a beautiful Google Slides template with an aesthetic design. You can use it to craft attractive photography catalogs and portfolios to showcase your best works. The template includes 20 unique slides in vertical A4 format. The template is also available in Keynote and PowerPoint formats as well.

Bizniz - Business Profile Google Slides Brochure

If you want to design a brochure that highlights your business model or want to create a powerful business profile brochure, this Google Slides template is perfect for you. It has 30 different slides for you to choose from. And they can be easily customized to fit your brand by changing colors, fonts, and images.

Yearly Report Brochure Template for Google Slides

Making yearly report brochures is an important part of business meetings and for showing off your business growth. You can use this Google Slides template to design a simple yet effective yearly report brochure with all the stats and info about profits, losses, sales, and more. These slides come in 5 different color themes as well as in A4 and US Letter sizes.

Pitch Deck Brochure Template for Google Slides

Pitch decks are the key to landing business deals and convincing investors to trust your ideas. This Google Slides template will help you craft the ideal brochure to do just that. It has multiple slides in vertical layouts for creating a complete pitch deck with your vision, marketing strategy, pricing models, SWOT analysis, and more.

Poivre - Business Plan Brochure for Google Slides

Poivre is an elegantly designed Google Slides template that can be used to make modern business plan brochures. The template comes with 34 unique slides with highly visual and attractive layouts. You can customize it to change fonts, colors, and images too. It’s also available in Keynote format.

Free Catalog Brochure for Google Slides

A free Google Slides template for designing beautiful catalog brochures. This template has over 20 unique slides you can use to showcase your products in a trendy and stylish page design. It’s available in multiple color themes as well.

Free Church Meeting Brochure for Google Slides

This is a simple print-ready brochure template for Google Slides. It’s ideal for making brochures related to church meetings as well as various other establishments and businesses. The template includes 28 unique slides.

Project Plan A4 Google Slides Brochure Template

Just as the name describes, this Google Slides template comes with the perfect set of slides for you to design project plans and proposal brochures. It’s available in A4 and US Letter sizes and has lots of useful slide layouts with a stylish dark color theme. You can also change the colors and fonts to your preference.

MAON - Catalog Brochure for Google Slides

Maon is an elegant Google Slides template featuring a clean and simple design. This template can be used to make portfolio brochures as well as product catalogs. The template has more than 70 unique slides with vertical layouts. They also feature editable shapes, icon packs, device mockups, free fonts, and more.

MOSY - Google Slides Brochure Template

This Google Slides template is ideal for crafting brochures related to lifestyle businesses. It has lots of creative slide designs for showcasing your products and services. There are 40 different slides in this template with fully customizable objects and colors.

Business Strategy Brochure Google Slides Template

Use this minimal and modern Google Slides template to design professional brochures for your brand and business. It has lots of business-oriented slide layouts you can use to craft a business strategy brochure. The template is available in 5 different color themes and in A4 and US Letter sizes.

Modern Brochure Google Slides Template

Another modern Google Slides template for crafting professional and business brochures. This template comes with over 40 unique slides with vertical layouts. It includes free fonts, vector line icons, device mockups, and easily changeable colors.

NORS Vertical Google Slides Brochure Template

Nors is a minimalist Google Slides template that has more than 135 unique slides. It’s available in A4 and US Letter sizes as well. You can use this template to design clean and professional brochures for various types of projects, including business profiles, marketing brochures, and design portfolios.

Free Watercolor Brochure for Google Slides

This free Google Slides template has 20 different slides full of colorful watercolor-themed designs. It’s perfect for making booklets and brochures for various business meetings and projects. It’s available in PowerPoint format as well.

Free Printable Newsletter Brochure for Google Slides

If you’re a fan of colorful retro-themed designs, this free Google Slides brochure template is perfect for your project. It includes 27 unique slides with free icon packs, editable graphs, mockups, and much more.

How To Install & Use Google Slides Templates

Using Google Slides templates is quite easy. Here’s how it works.

Note: Google Slides templates usually come in PowerPoint PPTX format. Don’t worry, they are designed to be fully compatible with Google Slides.

Step 1: Download the Template

Start by downloading a Google Slides template. If it arrived in a ZIP file, make sure to extract the ZIP file to locate the .PPT file.

Now, you can upload this PPT file to your Google Drive to convert it to a Google Slides theme and start editing it. Or you can import it into an existing Google Slides theme.

Step 2: Import the Template

To import a Google Slides theme to your presentation, simply click the Theme button in the tools panel. It’s right below the menus.

This will open the Themes panel. To import a new theme, click the Import Theme button.

Switch to the Upload panel and then locate the PPT file you’ve downloaded to upload it.

Step 3: Edit & Customize the Template

Once imported, it will apply the new theme to your existing Google Slides presentation.

Now you can start customizing the design to match your presentation. You can change the colors, fonts, and change layouts however you like.

For a more visual guide, you can check out this YouTube video.

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