30+ Slideshow Templates for Premiere Pro

Designing a great slideshow in Premiere Pro is no easy task. You have to come up with a cool design, animations, transitions, and so much more to make each slide look professional.

That’s why we want to introduce you to some of the most amazing Premiere Pro slideshow templates we’ve ever seen. With these templates, you will never have to worry about making a Premiere Pro slideshow from scratch.

We handpicked many different styles of Premiere Pro slideshow templates for photo album videos, business promos, wedding videos, and more. Be sure to check them all out below. We also included a few free templates for your personal projects as well.

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Top Pick


You can create mesmerizing photo slideshows using this amazing Premiere Pro slideshow template. It features beautiful ink-style animations that showcase your photos in a very attractive way.

This slideshow template is perfect for wedding photo albums, family photo albums, and even photography promo videos.

Why This Is A Top Pick

The unique ink-style effect used in this slideshow template is what makes this our top pick. It’s a hypnotic animation that will certainly wow your clients and audience.

Dynamic Slideshow Template for Premiere Pro

This Premiere Pro slideshow template is designed for making more dynamic and creative slideshows for various purposes. You can use it to make cool photo slideshows, social media promos for trendy products, create TV commercials for lifestyle brands, and more. The template allows you to fully customize the text and colors to your preference as well.

Elegant Premiere Pro Slideshow Template

If you’re working on a slideshow video for a fashion or luxury brand, this Premiere Pro template will definitely come in handy. It features an elegant slideshow design for showcasing high-end brands and products. The template also includes multiple styles of slide layouts with subtle animations. It comes in 4K resolution.

Grunge Grid Multiscreen Slideshow for Premiere Pro

This Slideshow template for Premiere Pro comes with a stylish grunge-themed design. It includes 48 media placeholders and 8 titles for you to craft attractive slideshows for various types of projects. You can also fully customize its colors, fonts, positions, and more as well.

Photo Slideshow Pro for Premiere Pro

You can use this Premiere Pro slideshow template to design modern photo slideshow videos. It features different styles of transitions and animations that will surely add a creative look to your photo albums.

Modern Stylish Premiere Pro Slideshow Template

A fully animated slideshow template for Premiere Pro. This template features a set of colorful slide layouts with multiple media placeholders. It’s perfect for promos and business videos. The template has easy drag-and-drop editing features.

Minimal Corporate Slideshow for Premiere Pro

This Premiere Pro slideshow template is most suitable for making videos related to corporate businesses and brands. It features a set of simple slide layouts with minimal effects and animations to create a professional look and feel.

Creative Business Slides for Premiere Pro

There are several colorful and creative slide designs included in this Premiere Pro template. You can use them to create attractive presentations for your business promo videos. You can fully customize them to your preference as well.

Free Energy Slideshow for Premiere Pro

This Premiere Pro template is free to download. It includes an energetic slide design with fast-paced animations. It’s ideal for sports and fitness-related videos. The template is compatible with Premiere Pro CC and it’s available in Full HD format.

Urban Premiere Pro Photo Slideshow Template

This Premiere Pro slideshow template comes with an urban-style design featuring modern glitch animation effects. It’s great for making promo videos for photographers, design agencies, and even fashion brands. The template includes lots of placeholders for adding your photos and videos.

Corporate Premiere Pro Slideshow Template

The fast, rhythmic, and energetic design of this slideshow will allow you to make more effective promo videos for various types of brands. This Premiere Pro template comes with a colorful design featuring dynamic slide designs. It’s most suitable for social media promos, intros, and for showcasing products.

City Slideshow - Free Premiere Pro Template

This is a free Premiere Pro slideshow template you can use to make a simple and short slideshow for a business promo video. It features subtle animations with clean slide designs to achieve that professional look for the video.

Retro VHS Free Premiere Pro Slideshow Template

This slideshow template is also free to download and use. It comes with a retro VHS-style effect with a nostalgic look and feel. The template is perfect for making photo slideshows or social media videos.

Modern Premiere Pro Slideshow Template

Making a unique and modern promo video to showcase your business or brand won’t be difficult when you have a slideshow template like this one. It features a trendy and stylish slide design that is perfect for promoting innovative brands and companies. It’s especially great for event videos.

Summer Slideshow Template for Premiere Pro

Featuring a warm summer theme, this Premiere Pro slideshow template comes with fast and energetic animations to help you create trendy videos for your projects. You can use it to make promo videos, intro scenes, and even logo reveal scenes. It includes several different styles of title designs as well.

Adobe Premiere Pro Slideshow for Business

This Premiere Pro slideshow template is made with modern businesses and corporate brands in mind. It includes multiple styles of slide layouts you can use to promote your services and products in a professional way. You can use it to make business profile videos, brand intro videos, event videos, and more.

Digital Slideshow Template for Premiere Pro

If you want to make a cool technology-themed slideshow for your video, start with this Premiere Pro template. This slideshow template comes with a creative technology-themed design featuring attractive animations. It’s great for tech brands, startups, and agencies for making promo videos.

Wedding Photo Slideshow Template for Premiere Pro

This is a beautiful slideshow template you can use to make photo slideshows for wedding album videos. It features photo frame mockups for placing your wedding photos and features a smooth animation that gives a very natural look to the slideshow. It’s suitable for other romantic photo slideshows and social media videos.

Bright Summer Free Premiere Pro Slideshow Template

Another free Premiere Pro slideshow template featuring bright and colorful slide designs. This template is perfect for all kinds of promos and social media videos. It includes 17 placeholders for photos and videos mixed with attractive brush stroke animations.

Free Snow Paper Slideshow Template for Premiere Pro

This free Premiere Pro slideshow template is perfect for making those seasonal promo videos and slideshows. It comes with a Christmas-themed slideshow design across many different slide layout styles.

Education Slideshow Template for Premiere Pro

Using this template, you can make creative and unique slideshow videos for various educational videos. It features a colorful and clean set of slide designs where you can showcase your educational products, courses, and school programs in a professional way.

Timeline Presentation Premiere Pro Slideshow

Making beautiful timeline presentation videos will be a walk in the park when you have this creative Premiere Pro template. It features stylish brush animations with placeholders for titles and text. You can also customize the template easily to add your own photos and fonts as well.

Creative Opener Premiere Pro Slideshow Template

This Premiere Pro template doubles as both a slideshow and opener template. It features a creative design where you can easily showcase your photos and videos to create a modern slideshow video. The template features lots of unique effects and animations as well.

Photo Slideshow Template for Premiere Pro

With this Premiere Pro template, you can easily create photo slideshow videos without effort. It features a classic retro-themed slide design with several styles of layouts. You can use it to make photo memory slideshows, photo album videos, social media videos, and much more.

Memories Premiere Pro Photo Slideshow Template

The old-timey look of this Premiere Pro slideshow makes it the perfect choice for designing photo slideshows and photo album videos to capture all your best memories. The template is perfect for making slideshow videos for celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, and special events.

Free Large Title Slideshow Template for Premiere Pro

This slideshow template allows you to create slideshows and intro scenes for your videos with animated titles and headlines. The template features simple animations and effects so it’s ideal for business and corporate videos as well.

Free Wedding Invitation Slideshow for Premiere Pro

With this free Premiere Pro slideshow template, you can easily create a beautiful wedding invitation video by creating a stunning photo slideshow. It also includes attractive particle effects and animations to give the slideshow a magical look and feel.

Bold Slideshow Template for Premiere Pro

You can make a colorful and creative slideshow video for your business or creative project using this unique slideshow template. It features multiple styles of slide layouts filled with lots of vibrant colors and shapes.

Clean Parallax Slideshow Template for Premiere Pro

This Premiere Pro slideshow template features the popular parallax effect that gives the slideshow a very modern look and feel. It’s perfect for designing attractive slideshows for both business and creative video projects. The template is easily customizable and comes in multiple styles of animations as well.

How to Make a Slideshow in Premiere Pro

There are many different types of slideshows you can make in Premiere Pro. You can make photo slideshows, video slideshows, and even make slideshow promo videos.

For a beginner, it could take a while to learn the process and master how to design a professional slideshow in Premiere Pro. So for those of you who are in a rush, we recommend you use a pre-made template from the collection above.

Or, you can get started by creating a very basic photo slideshow in Premiere Pro. Here’s how it works:

  1. Add a few images to the timeline.
  2. Then select all images in the timeline, right-click, and select Scale to Frame Size. This will resize the photos to fit the frame
  3. If any of the images still don’t fit, you can manually scale the images to fit the frame
  4. Now you can add a few transition effects in-between the images to create a slideshow-like video

Of course, this is a very basic way to create a slideshow and it won’t look anywhere near the looks of the templates we’ve featured on the list.

If you want to learn how to design a more professional-looking slideshow video, you can check out this YouTube tutorial.

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