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gamified marketing

Rhym makes it easy to build gamified marketing content to boost brand engagement, drive sales, and capture more leads.

With Rhym, you can create interactive content in minutes without code! Just choose from a ton of fully customizable templates designed to boost site engagement.

You’ll be able to craft premium game experiences that go beyond your standard wheel spin, for a fraction of the time and cost.

Leverage interactive quizzes to engage, educate, and convert users—and with valuable insights, you can use responses to offer shopping recommendations.

Plus, you can use luck-based games to offer discounts and giveaways, generating more buzz around your marketing campaigns.

Content templates

Create a variety of interactive and gamified content for your website in minutes.

Rhym offers an intuitive content editor that’s super flexible and easy to use, so you can fully customize templates.

You’ll be able to upload images, add icons, and customize colors or fonts to fit your branding.

This platform even allows you to scrape images from your website, which means you’ll have immediate access to all your latest assets.


Use an intuitive editor to customize every pixel of your interactive content.

Get results from your engagement by adding custom end screens that guide visitors to fill in their information or place an order.

That means you can offer a discount code at the end of your game or quiz, giving folks a sense of achievement and pushing them to make a purchase.

By customizing end screens with diverse logic and appearances, you can make variable offers based on user scores.

You can also add CTA buttons to your end screen, directing users to your social media, a relevant product page, or anywhere else you choose.

End Screen

Customize your end screen to offer rewards, collect leads, and recommend products.

Rhym lets you choose from a collection of visual quiz layouts that capture your audience’s attention, wherever they see your content.

You’ll be able to share your interactive content with anyone anywhere via direct URL, site embed, website widget, and more.

And because this platform integrates with your CRM and records quiz responses, you can segment and retarget your audience based on their answers.


Share your interactive content anywhere and integrate Rhym with your CRM.

To hit your sales goals, you’re going to need a game-changing marketing strategy. (And no, we don’t mean Monopoly.)

Lucky for you, Rhym is packed with everything you need to create gamified, interactive content that excites your leads and drives more sales.

Gamify your marketing.

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